The Greenhouse will be adjacent to a brand-new playground which will be close to and in the direct line of sight of the café.  The café will serve good coffee and healthy snacks.

The Greenhouse will offer a pre-school and soft play area so this will be an environment particularly suited for parents with young children.  There will be ample space for pushchairs to be safely stored under cover.  Children’s noise, mess and general chaos will be expected in a relaxed, non-precious environment.  We expect that this will be a great place to connect with other parents in the mornings, perhaps a place to consider after the school drop off.

We will be partnering with various organisations which will assist with physical and psychological wellbeing for parents.  We care particularly that parents who are coping with infants and children, particularly those with special needs or disabilities, will be connected with the support they need.

We know that many local families are struggling with financial uncertainty with debt spiralling as jobs are lost.  We aim to connect people with debt-counselling and support.  We are also exploring how we can offer practical help for those who are struggling to afford the basics they need.